Museum MACAN and the new beginning with Aaron Seeto


Museum MACAN herald a fresh, new era for an art scene in the western part of Jakarta – an area in the capital city where its association with art was unheard of for decades. There are so many words to describe this new establishment, but it’s difficult to pinpoint where to begin. For starters, the museum design itself was a glorious artistic sight to behold, a sweeping clear line of high glass windows and steel beams that surrounds the high-ceilinged, white-walled interior that was adorned with famous art collections from Indonesia and the rest of the world. There’s a surge of inexplicable amazement and pride to see one of famous Mark Rothko’s Untitled piece hanged just a few feet away from massive Dullah’s romanticism-style painting, which is strategically placed near the very beginning of the tour – a depiction of Soekarno as the venerable orator alongside his followers who surrounds him in what feels like an ecstatic near-religious adulation. As you walk deeper to the Museum, you will see more undeniable proofs of love for art from its founder, Haryanto Adikoesoemo.



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