Foreign Insight: an Interview with Ambassador of German of Indonesia


(Business Lounge Journal – Special Report) Ranging from  automobiles, hardware, tools, materials, to fashion and more, Germany’s reputation for producing only the best  is already struck, if not already embedded deep in our mindset. For most of us, we found our self quickly associating German products with its durability, endurance, performance, and its sense of luxuriousness.  These powerful reputations,  are widely believed as an attribute to the German people’s traits of efficiency, punctuality and order.

But is it true, that these are the only things that attributes to their excellent products and brand’s reputation?

German Ambassador for Indonesia, Dr. Georg Witschel, in an interview with Business Lounge Journal, explained the German’s worldview, culture, art,  the meaning of the famous verb, “Ordnung Muss Sein”, and what to do beyond discipline and punctuality.

Also, the Ambassador explain Germany’s stance and policies regarding the current refugee crisis.

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